Mercer Elementary's teachers and staff are eligible to receive grants from the PTO to supplement instruction and enrich the classroom experience. These grants vary in amount, scope and timing.  


Three tiers of grants are available: 

- Instructional Grants up to $70 requested by May 23, 2023  pdf / docx

- Curriculum Enrichment Grants up to $500 requested by March 31, 2023  pdf / docx

- Mini Grants requested by January 15, 2023  pdf / docx


Notes for educators: 

  • The PTO is not able to reimburse sales tax. Use the PTO's Tax Exempt Form when purchasing to waive sales tax from vendors. 
  • To pay for the program or items, 1) self-pay then complete the PTO's Check Request Form for reimbursement with your invoices/receipts attached or 2) complete the PTO's Check Request Form with the vendor's invoice attached for direct vendor payment.