Enriching Kidz


Enriching Kidz is a local, independent after school enrichment program offered to schools, churches, and recreation centers. Enriching Kidz equips kids with skills they can use for a lifetime. Their mission is to help parents and educate children to lead engaging, educated and self-confident lives. Classes include how to stay home alone safe, how to care for younger siblings, how to navigate through social exclusions and friendship, and so much more.


All COVID-19 guidelines effective at the time of the class will be followed. Students must attend all classes in the session to complete the course. All classes will be held in Mercer Elementary cafeteria. Class size is limited.



- Go to www.enrichingkidz.com, click on Register for a class. Select the class and scroll to find the location.

- To register by phone or if you have questions regarding course curriculum, call Enriching Kidz staff Amy Marks at 513-336-9993 or Amy@enrichingkidz.com.